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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the Hell Happened in Waco Texas?

Waco Texas ExplosionJust a few days ago we were asking  What the Hell Happened in Boston?  Now another tragedy has struck, this time in West Texas just a few hours ago in the city of Waco.  Apparently a fertilizer plant exploded and has injured hundreds and killed a number of people as well. 

No real word on how this happened other than a fire ignited at the plant which caused the fertilizer to cause a massive explosion that could be felt for miles around the area.  The initial explosion happened a few hours ago, but the fire is STILL burning and releasing harmful chemicals into the air. 

It is really crazy timing for something like this to happen just days after the Boston bombings that injured and killed people as well.  This incident may have been accidental, but there hasn't been official word on what happened.  This explosion destroyed many homes and buildings in the surrounding area, and rescue workers are coming in from surrounding areas to try to help the huge number of people affected.  Apparently there are still people trapped in the aftermath of all this and crews are working frantically to get them help.

The amount of news happening around the country right now has to be at some sort of high.  Whether it's bombers, attempted poison mail deliveries, and even this West Texas explosion, it's crazy to have all this happening at once.  Practically the whole town of Waco is being evacuated right now but hopefully they get the help they need to deal with this tragedy.

The video below caught how insane this explosion really was: