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Monday, April 15, 2013

What the Hell Happened in Boston?

Boston ExplosionsI certainly wasn't expecting to hop on Twitter today and see a ton of "our thoughts are with those in Boston today" tweets.  After throwing on CNN for a while now and catching up on what went down, there really aren't a lot of details.  The Boston Marathon was going on when suddenly 2 (or maybe more) explosions went off, injuring many and throwing the city into a state of chaos.

Of course when you hear explosions the first thing that comes to mind is terrorists of some sort.  As of now there is no confirmation on this as the authorities are looking into everything, including the possibility of a natural explosion such as gas or something similar.  Right now nothing at all is known other than at least 2 people were killed in these blasts.

It's hard to speculate with all the craziness that goes down at times with maniacs shooting up schools etc.  Being there were 2 explosions it does seem like some sort of terrorist act, but I'm sure we will know for sure within the next couple of hours.  The country is now on watch just in case this isn't an isolated incident.  Finding out that this was a natural thing would be the best case if there is one, but it doesn't seem that way as of now.