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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the Hell is Going on in Boston 2: Shootings and Explosions at MIT and Watertown

MIT ShootingWow, this is seriously getting out of control. At this point President Obama has to be wondering if some sort of rogue terrorists are attacking the U.S. after tonight ANOTHER incident involving explosions and even shooting this time has taken place.

It was reported earlier that there was a shooting on the MIT campus in Boston where an officer was shot and killed.  Then just moments ago not far away in Watertown, Massachusetts, there was word of explosions and gunmen on the loose.  As seen on news channels, this time authorities caught 2 of these people and arrested them.  All we can say is this is total anarchy.  I remember after 9/11, pretty much the entire week or even more following that tragedy we all watched TV just waiting for something else to happen as the feeling was that we were surely under attack and there would be more.  That never really happened, but ever since this Boston attack all hell has been breaking loose in the country.

Of course the explosion in Texas was most likely a totally unrelated accidental event, but this latest shooting and possible explosions could be related to the Monday's terrorist attack on Monday.  I can't remember having these type of occurrences happening so close together.  It remains to be seen if our nightly posts on the latest craziness in the U.S. continues in the next few days.