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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire Out?! Sony To Reboot Spiderman?! HOLY RETARDED!

Good god, so here is the low down. Spiderman 4 was planned for 2011. But was in some serious delays? Why you ask? Remember Spiderman 3? Remember how insanely shitty and stupid that movie was? Well Sony wanted to do another Spiderman movie just like that one. A retarded Spiderman movie where Peter Parker and Mary Jane have a baby and hijinks ensue, seriously. Well Sam Raimi went to Sony and said, hey, this is one the shady side of being a shitty movie, I dunno about this. And Sony said, hey, we don't care, it'll make tons of money. So the movie had stalled. And instead of listening to Sam Raimi and making another great movie like Spiderman 2, the studio told Sam Raimi to shove it, and then let Tobey go mainly because he woulda walked anyway if Raimi was not involved.

So how do they fix this problem? Sending Spiderman back to high school and rebooting the series! Yes!

Spiderman 1.5: Spidey Goes Back To School, comes out in 2012. If they do indeed go to reboot way and do another origin story, I highly doubt I will put down my $50 bucks to go see it, yeah, it costs me $50 bucks to see movies. 3 tickets for me the wife and our nephew, then popcorn, soda, and the giant pickle.

In short, fuck you Sony.