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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toyota 100% Reimbursement Offer?!

I got a letter in the mail the other day from Toyota. Claiming that since I am a preferred customer, I have been sent a letter offering me 100% reimbursement for my vehicle I got last year. Now, true, I would think I am a preferred customer. I have been a loyal Toyota driver for the past couple years. And always make payments on time. But last January I traded in my 08 Corolla for a 07 Highlander. For family reasons. Needed something bigger and roomier, of course, even still, the Highlander is not big enough for all the baby needs. On top of that, Toyota kinda screwed me over, they sold me a junk heap. After taking the car in for its usual service, I was informed of numerous problems. I let it go since I couldn't afford it. Couple months later, needed an oil change so I took it somewhere else besides Toyota, and they found all the same problems. But they were about 400 dollars cheaper to fix there than at Toyota. So I shelled out everything it took. But I was very curious as to why after only a year would it have so many problems? And I learned something.... Toyota doesn't take care of their used cars.

Turns out, the previous owner of the Highlander, never took care of it. Ever. So he traded it into Toyota and Toyota, instead of addressing the problems and fixing them, just put the car right out for sale. So far in the past year I have spent over $500 to repair everything that I feel Toyota should have. Is this the way to treat a preferred customer?

So, this letter I received appears to be that I can take this letter into Toyota for this weekend only, and trade it in for a 09 or even 10 vehicle! At no money down! Well, I don't fully understand the extent of this letter, but I am gonna bite. The Highlander I have is a little on the small side still. We could use something with a little more room. And better gas mileage. The mileage kinda sucks on the Highlander, get it? Yeah...........

So, if you also got this letter, I would say it's worth checking out. I will of course address the fact that I just spent $430 just a couple weeks ago and would like a little something in return for my trouble.