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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Body By Jake And Randy Courture Have Made Me Upset!

So, I am sitting here, late at night, watching TV. And a commercial comes on for an exercise machine from Body By Jake. Here is the commercial, take a watch..........

Now, I am watching this commercial thinking. Hey you know what? I could do that work out! Maybe I should look into getting this machine.......

And then the commercial starts to, patronize me. "Come on you can't find 11 minutes in a day?!" Uh well, yeah I could, are you saying I'm lazy? Cause I'm not. By the time I have 11 minutes in a day, it's after spending about 12 nonstop hours of being a father. Chasing a 1 year old around the house all day is more of a workout than pulling on rubber bands for 11 minutes.

But whatever, I am still thinking about getting the machine until..........

Randy Courture calls me a princess.

A princess.

Randy, I am not a princess. If anything, I am a prince. I do not appreciate being called a princess in any way shape or form. And because of that I will NEVER buy that stupid rubber band machine. Or any other product they put out to transform your body. How do you like that princess? I was gonna buy your machine, until you called me a princess. See, who has the power? You or me? I do! That is all.