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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can white people go see Tyler Perry movies?

I am really confused about Tyler Perry movies, see I have never in my life talked to someone who has actually seen one of these movies. I have 1 black friend, and he has never seen one either. So I am curious about these movies. But, I am afraid of going to the theater to see them. I imagine this..........

I get my popcorn and soda, and walk into a theater full of black people, all giving me the evil eye. And I can hear their thoughts.... WHAT DIS HONKY DOIN IN HUR FO A TYLER PERRY MOVIE?! HEY CRACKA! AVATAR IS IN ANOTHA THEATUH!

And I will probably end up getting my soda stolen, popcorn dumped on the ground, and shoes ripped from my feet tied together and thrown on the nearest telephone line.

So I just wonder, do white people go to the movies to see Tyler Perry movies? Are they even any good? Why? And why are all of those movies the same? It's always about a bunch of black people and their relationship/family problems. I don't understand it I guess. But I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go to the theaters to see one of these movies. I would try to rent them but, for some strange reason every time I go to the video store to ask for a copy, they say they're always stolen. Hmm....