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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Super Sunday, That Can on Mean One Thing....Puppy Bowl!

That's right, it's damn time that the REAL game of the year get its just due.  Every year people go f'n crazy over the Super Bowl.  It doesn't even matter if a persons favorite team is in it, just the term "Super Bowl" makes people go crazy buying food, having parties, and arguing with others about who they're rooting for as if they had a relative on that team. 

I once enjoyed football, but these days find it hard to follow with all the trades and new college players drafted in, it's just too much to keep up with.  And besides that, if I had a favorite team and that team doesn't end up in the Super Bowl, why would I go nuts over this game?  A few years ago though I discovered that there were good things about Super Bowl Sunday.  People want to buy mass amounts of food and party down?  I'm cool with that.  Hell even the halftime show is entertaining at times, and a boob could fall out here or there even.  It seems the only real boring part of the day was the game itself.  So years back, removing the game from the equation became tradition.  Rent some movies, bring in the food, pretty awesome day.

But a few years ago, Super Bowl Sunday became became complete when an event that lived up to the hype, the action, and the entertainment was born!  It's very simple, you put a few hyper puppies on a miniature football field, throw some toys in the mix, and enjoy.  The Puppy Bowl is THE Super Bowl Sunday premiere event, and has delivered the laughs every single year.  How could you not enjoy puppies gone wild with almost anything goes, and penalties only occurring when a puppy takes a piss or a dump on the field....good times.  SO if you are sick of Super Bowl talk, but still want to party and watch an action packed event, I highly recommend watching this year's Puppy Bowl 7 on Animal Planet.  Check out the preview below: