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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wrestlemania! Shameless! Californication! and of course Game Of Thrones! TV Explosion!

Sunday nights are a mess. My DVR fears Sunday nights. My parents are one of those lucky people that have the 5 tuner DVRs so they can actually record 5 shows at once, while I have one of the dumb ones that can only record 2, as long as Im watching the 2nd one, stupid. On a normal Sunday night for the past few weeks I have 8 shows that I watch. Californication, Shameless, Eastbound and Down, Lifes Too Short, Ax Men, Walking Dead and Talking Dead, and Comic Book Men. Well 3 of those came to an end, and now two more are about to have their finales this weekend as well, Shameless and Californication. While Eastbound and Down and Lifes Too Short will not be aired this Sunday.

And of course, Game Of Thrones premieres. Winter arrives. At the same time that Wrestlemania is on! I am a casual wrestling fan. I can't remember the last time I watched an episode of Smackdown but I know it was well before they had the brand split, so its been years. Raw on the other hand I always watch.....on fast forward. Ill watch a match here and there if it looks good, but other than that, wrestling shmestling. And I never order a PPV. But this is Wrestlemania. Its in my blood. This is the SHOWCASE OF THE IMMORTALS. So of course I will plop down a stupid amount of money to watch it.

While that madness is going on, two shows I love are having their season finales. Shameless and Californication. Californication has been its usual self. Hank Moody getting into hijinks with his friends. His ex loves him and hates him back and forth. Same ol same ol. The show never really offers anything exciting in story, but every episode there is at least one moment that makes me laugh harder than any other show on TV. And of course, Shameless. Shameless has its hilarious moments but it seems like this season they are doing everything in their power to depress the hell out of you. This 2nd season has been much better than last season and definitely picked up. I actually almost gave up on it this year.

So what is it that you will be watching as it happens instead of on the DVR? I will be watching Wrestlemania. The Rock Vs. John Cena. Hoping it ends soon so I can get to Game Of Thrones!