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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gillian Anderson. Lesbian relationship. BAH GOD!

Alright everyone, try to control yourselves, Gillian Anderson from The X-Files, revealed that back in high school, she had a lesbian relationship. Oh yes.

Gillian said that after moving from London to Michigan it was a big culture shock which drove her to experimenting and having strange relationships. So if you guys are trying to score a hot chick who is ready to get on the weird side in bed, find one that just moved to America from London. Apparently its so shockingly different that they must seek out weird sex adventures.

It must be pointed out though that Gillian Anderson is not gay. And was never gay. She was a lesbian briefly. You see there is a huge difference. Women who are gay, are the ones like, Ellen, or Chaz Bono. Women like Gillian Anderson....they are LESBIANS. Lesbians you only see very rarely and are pretty much only in movies that come on at 2am on Cinemax.