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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Punish Bad Parenting!

I live in Phoenix AZ. Or as it seems to me, the Toddler Drowning Capital of the World! Not a week goes by where I don't read or see something in the news about a toddler drowning in the pool, or barely surviving falling in the pool. Seriously. It happens all the damn time here. And why? Because parents are idiots! Probably tweeting or texting or doing some other stupid crap instead of doing what they're supposed to be doing! Parenting!

I have a two year old. And we don't have a swimming pool at our house. When he was born my wife and I thought two things right away. 1, we need to move to a safer more family friendly neighborhood. And 2, a house without a pool. So we did! Now, my parents house, where he goes all the time, has a swimming pool, so like responsible people they have a fence installed around it. Now does that mean you should just let your kids run around all willy nilly? NO! They're kids, and its a fence, they figure shit out. So you still watch your kids! Fences around pools are just speed bumps. They will find a way inside of it somehow.

So, I think whenever someone has a toddler who has drowned, the parents should be punished for it. I bet you anything that the numbers of kids drowning every summer would plummet. Because people would start watching and paying attention to their kids. When we have a large family gathering at my parents house, my kid does not leave the same area I am in. And if he does, or I leave, I make sure my wife has eyes on him. It's not a hard task to do people. IF YOUR CHILD, DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SWIM, DO NOT, LET THEM, WANDER AIMLESSLY NEAR SWIMMING POOLS. Holy crap.

This goes along with the driving rule. If someone gets into a car accident. The person who is at fault should have their license suspended for 2 years. The end. I bet you people will sure as shit stop driving like assholes then!

Man up lawmakers. Stop letting stupid people do stupid things. Thanks.