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Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's the Deal with that Blog Where We used to Blog

Several Years ago we launched a blog called Ultra Entertainment ( it has a content warning, but I have no idea why). Then we later renamed it after a fictional character as a spoof of some ridiculous entertainment bloggers who consider themselves part of the entertainment. We made it as a goof and played along with the idea. The point of the site was really just to write whatever we felt about entertainment like movies, music, video games and pop culture. For such a small-time operation there was a lot of noise and "drama", and we effectively ending up killing that character off around 2 years ago. Though it wasn't exactly our choice.

I was asked what was going on with that old blog, and the answer is: Not Much. All thousand+ of those posts can still be accessed through the original Ultra Entertainment blogspot address, if anyone really cares. I don't think it's accessible through search engines anymore, though. So the blog's still there.

As for the Character? I don't know what to say about that. It looks like someone has the domain name and is just parking it for now. Maybe they might make a site and try to capitalize off the good will of the previous site, but the joke's on them if they think that site had any goodwill involved.