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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Green with Envy" Trailer

**Warning - Bit of a spoiler in this post if you haven't seen the trailer yet **

Anyone who saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 this past week saw this trailer for "Green with Envy" before the movie.  Many of you have seen it online, but if you haven't....I'm going to put the trailer right here in the middle of the post so you can view it before I talk about it further:

That's right, if you just saw the trailer for the first time, you just saw that "Green with Envy" was just a big swerve to debut the trailer for the new Muppet movie!  I loved the twist and imagine movie theatre reactions to the twist were awesome.

Even better, I get the vibe that this will be a traditional feeling Muppet movie with Kermit having to go around and reunite the Muppets who are all off doing their usual off the wall jobs and such.  And another major plus about this is that they are promoting it as coming out "this Thanksgiving."  I can't imagine a better time than the holidays to debut a new Muppet movie.  Definitely pumped for this one and can't wait to see this in theaters get that old school Muppet vibe back.