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Friday, April 20, 2012

Face it. Windows Phone is Much Cooler than The iPhone Anyway

I've been seeing a lot of commercials lately for this new cell phone from AT&T- The Lumia 900 by Nokia. My first thought was, What? Nokia still makes cell phones? It seems like everyone is on the smartphone kick these days. If you don't have an iPhone you at least have an Android smartphone, like a Motorola Droid or something like that. And, Haha. A few lames still have BlackBerries, but RIM BlackBerry is as good as dead. No one's buying that ish. But I haven't really heard much from Nokia in years. I remember when all the Tracfone prepaid phones were old Nokias. They still doin' that?

Anyway, hate as I have, I've been looking into this a little more. The Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T is a Windows Phone. Oh No! No one uses Windows! Errr.. they do. I bet most of those reading this are on a Windows machine of some sort. Sure they are mostly on PCs, but guess what? PCs aren't going anywhere. Neither is Windows, Microsoft products in general, feature phones, or non-iPhone smartphones. Geez- Most of the visitors to this site are on Internet Explorer. But are many on Windows Phone? Not really. The thing is, to fall in love with Windows Phone you really have to use one. People who use it love it. Those who don't pick their smartphone OS based on what the "cool kids" are doing. And let's face it, in this battle of the nerds, somehow Steve Jobs and Apple came-off as sorta hip. Then they made iEverything and ran with it. It's about the branding and the status, not about the quality of service. Sure Apple dominates in some things like iTunes and the iPod, and there's good reason for it. But when it comes to cell phones there are other options. You don't have to be an iSheep.

Let's face it, iPhones are for hipsters and geeks who think they are cool because they can get their parents to shell out hundreds of dollars for a status symbol every year. Android phones are already doing great, and they will keep getting bigger. Even Windows Phone based cell phones are starting to come around. Recent reports said the Cyan Lumia 900 was sold out at AT&T and on Amazon. They are having a hard time keeping them in stock. AT&T is pushing promo hard for this line of phones. Results have been mixed, but it looks like this Lumia is a hit, and people who use it actually like it. Windows Phone is probably as good as iPhone and a better value. It just has weak branding to this point based on ancient history and misplaced status aspirations. To find out what's best, Try them all out. Try out an iPhone, a high end Droid, and a Windows Phone like one of the Nokia Lumia line. Then see what's good and not just hype.