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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leave the TSA alone and let them do their damn jobs!

This video is making the rounds today....

At least once a week I see a news story about something "horrible" that involves the TSA. Shut the hell up already. There are countless blogs, articles, comments, websites all dedicated to bitching and whining about the TSA and other security measures that airports take now and how insanely strict things are. Well guess what? YOU FORGOT. Yeah. You know the countless bumper stickers and shirts and crap all over the country NEVER FORGET. They're talking about September 11th 2001. Now do me a favor and go find the widow with a kid who lost their husband on that day, and ask them if they wish that airports had security measures back then like they did today. You know what the TSA is doing? Protecting your stupid asses. And don't give me this "Yeah but even old people and little kids deserve a random search?!" Yes. They do. Terrorists are bat shit crazy. And they will use little kids, old people, fat people, white people, black people, all kinds of people out there to carry out an attack.

Shut up. And let them do their jobs. So you have to get a little pat down and search in order to make sure you and other passengers reach your destination safely. Deal with it. Would you prefer this again?

If you have that big a problem that you would prefer another terrorist attack over getting patted down and searched, then drive a damn car to your destination. Road trip time.