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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 1991

You gotta understand this isn’t about what was the absolute best of that year, it’s about the top movies that when I see them now, they bring me back to those moments when I saw them for the first time. So here we go. 1991. This was a very hard list to put together, so many great movies that year.

10. Suburban Commando
I loved wrestling. So obviously I made my Dad take me to go see this opening weekend. I didn’t really go see many movies with just it being me and him. But I remember every single one that we did see. I remember sitting in the movie theater trying to figure out, how did Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker get along on the set of the movie? How did they make this movie without really beating each other up?? Mind was blown.

9. Drop Dead Fred
I remember after seeing this I came up with my own imaginary friend. It didn’t last very long. But I did carry over the snotface wipe from this movie into real life. People didn’t appreciate that too much.

8. What About Bob?
When this came out, it was probably the funniest movie I had ever seen in my life. And today it remains as one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I remember going to a friends slumber party and staying up all night because every time someone fell asleep they were picked up and tossed into the swimming pool. So I stayed up all night and got home around 11am. I put this movie on and laid on the couch to watch it for probably the 10th time that week before falling asleep. Every time I see this movie, I think of that awesome party.

7. Dutch
I think Dutch would qualify as the very first “dark comedy” that I ever saw. I was expecting the usual Home Alone style comedy but got something very different, and very awesome.

6. Ernest Scared Stupid
Probably the last cool Ernest movie. After this one it was pretty downhill. I do remember stocking up on milk like there was no tomorrow after seeing this movie. And calling everyone at school booger lips.

5. Cool As Ice
What is there to say about this movie that hasn’t already been said everywhere else? I remember watching this movie right after I had finished watching Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em The Movie. I was more of a Hammer fan than I was a Vanilla fan. But this movie won the day because it hit DVD, and still pops up on TV from time to time.

4. The Perfect Weapon
The best opening to a movie ever. I got this song and would do karate in my living room every night before bed after seeing this movie. I never really knew any karate, but I thought I did because of that movie and that song taught me enough. Just at work doing some construction wait, the suns going down, gotta go home and do karate!

3. Curly Sue
The last movie that John Hughes ever directed. One of those that I didn’t have too much interest in seeing, but my Grandma took me to the theater to see anyways and I really liked it then. I don’t think I have even seen this movie since then either.

2. The Addams Family
One of the few my Dad took me to see. One of the few that is really deserving of an awesome special edition blu ray release already! One of the few adaptations that held up so well that it is worthy of being dubbed a classic. Also MC Hammer did an awesome song for it. Take that Will Smith, Hammer did it first!

1. Terminator 2
Yep. The most ass kicking movie ever made at that time. Another I saw with my Dad in the theater. Every time I see this I instantly think of sitting just a few rows from the screen and the entire thing being on fire with the logo coming up. And of course, one of the best movie themes of all time.

So that does it for 1991. I will compile the list for 92 which should be comin next week.