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Monday, April 16, 2012

2Pac FINALLY Returns From the Dead.......Performs at Coachella 2012

So this is where technology has brought us.  Ever wish you had the chance to see 2Pac perform live?  Ever see him live and wonder what it would be like to see him in this day and age of music?  Well all of that can pretty much happen now, as 2Pac returned from the dead and performed at Coachella hologram form.

That's right, a 2Pac hologram appeared on stage and performed with Snoop Dog in the most talked about moment of the event.  The hologram even addressed the Coachella audience by name, which definitely gave it an authentic feel rather than the feel that they somehow just pulled some old video of Pac and threw something together.  It was a crazy site seeing 2Pac and Snoop performing on stage together in 2012, especially after the near 16 years of controversy since Tupac Shakur's death in 1996.  For years now there have been "sightings" and rumors of Tupac being alive and in hiding, but the hologram version was the closest thing to the real deal we are going to get.

Now this begs the question....will these hologram performances be all the rage in the future?  Will it be possible to go to say.......a Jimi Hendrix or Elvis concert in the future?  Could such an event pack an arena?  The possibilities here are intriguing to say the least.  Take a look at video of 2Pac's Coachella performance and see if you think a 2Pac tour may be next: