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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rock Chicks from the 90s!

There was a huge collection of chicks in the 90s who just wanted to rock out and make teenage boys like myself discover the strange new things happening to their bodies thanks to these chicks. Well some of them. Others were a little too scary.


I actually saw Veruca Salt in concert. One of them grabbed cotton candy and rubbed it on their crotch and threw it in the crowd. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle that situation at the time.I know I did end up wearing my Veruca Salt shirt almost every day though.

Gwen Stefani was def the hottest rock chick of the 90s. And she is one of the very very few who actually made it out of the 90s. An entire blog dedicated to Gwen will be along at some point in the future.

I remember I bought this album the same day I went and bought a Jenny McCarthy poster. Epic day.

This video made me feel kinda funny.

Major nostalgia with this song.

Never heard any other song by these guys but this song was so awesome they didn’t need any other songs.

This band was referenced on an episode of Roseanne once.

Lucious Jackson actually did a bunch of songs for the show The Adventures Of Pete & Pete.

HOLY CRAP. I forgot all about this song until I started making this list.

This song was so freaking cool back then, I remember I borrowed this CD from this guy I worked with at a golf course, and never gave it back. Ha!

Wowza. This song had me questioning all kinds of new things in life.

This song always pissed me off mainly because there was some weird Jock Jam remix version that was played more than the original version.

Remember buying a CD for just one song? This was that one song.

Lisa. Loeb. Many who know me, know I have had a crush on Lisa Loeb ever since she first popped up on my TV all those years ago. Those damn glasses. I think this list needs to end here.