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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spoiler free Cabin in the Woods review!

This review will be 100% spoiler free. So fear not.

I point this out because when the movie first started with its promotion, a few people told me to not watch ANY of the full on trailers. Read nothing about it. Avoid anything and everything about this movie before it comes out. And I did. Thank god. Now in the TV commercials you see the movie is basically about a group of kids that go to a cabin and its the typical horror movie, except you see glimpses of what seems like some computer controlled room where people are setting off traps in the house? Yeah. That much is all you need to know before you see this movie. Venturing for any further information risks spoiling any of the huge twists and turns that this movie will take you on.

For anyone and everyone out there who bitches about Hollywood being out of ideas. Pissed at the nonstop remakes and sequels, then go see this movie. Here is a movie that on the surface seems like the same ol same ol, but it is FAR from it. This is one of the most original horror movies I have seen in a long, LONG, time. And you of course, have the great Joss Whedon to thank for it. If you love horror, and you love original ideas, go and see this movie. Support it. Do whatever it takes, but trust me, do not watch any trailers for it. Do not read any reviews. Don't even go to the movies IMDB page. If anything pops up on TV about this, turn it off, mute it and close your eyes for 30 seconds, anything.

The movie is fantastic. An instant cult classic. Go and see it this weekend, bring all of your friends and prepare to sit down and discuss this movie at great length.