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Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Movie Mania 5 - 9: Catchin Up To Do

Instead of make 4 blogs about 4 movies, I'll just pile them all into this one so I can hurry up and get to number 10....

Number 5: Psycho 2

Rarely does a sequel to a classic film come along that, actually delivers. But not only does this sequel to the legendary Psycho deliver, but it still holds up today! And believe it or not, Psycho 3, and 4 also hold up quite well over the years. Which is why Norman, in my heart, holds a higher place over the likes of Jason Voorhees, and Chucky. Norman is the original. And the master.

Number 6: Daffy Duck Quackbusters

One of the great horror type cartoons. Daffy, Bugs, Porky and Sylvester start up a Ghostbustin agency and hijinks begin. I watched this all the time as a kid, and was very happy to see it hit DVD just a few weeks ago. I still quote it to this day, but very few actually know what they are. Mary had a little lamb... BUT I ATE IT.

Number 7: Rear Window

Like Psycho, this is a legendary movie in the thriller/horror world. I really mean this when I say it, but this is the only movie I have ever seen that literally put me on the edge of my seat. Well, bed in this case, I spent 3/4's of the movie laying in bed watching it, and the last part of the movie sitting on the edge of my bed, hands on my knees, shakin in my damn boots.

Number 8: Evil Dead 2

Good ol Evil Dead 2. The strangest sequel in the history of movies, mainly because, it's a remake of the first movie just with a bigger budget. What else is there to be said about this movie that hasn't already been said 1000 times on this site?

Number 9: The Haunted House Of Horrors

I don't even know if I should count it since I didn't make it all the way through, it came on late one night, I started watching it, when we were in the house it was kinda cool, but outside the house it was singing and all kinds of stupid crap going on.