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Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Movie Mania 10: Trick R Treat

Most from the days of may remember, but this was my 2nd most anticipated movie of 2007. And it never came out. 2008 came, and still nothing. But finally the day came, and I picked up a copy, watched it, and the results.....

Well, worth, the wait.

This is the PERFECT Halloween movie. I don't wanna get too much into it because it can be easily spoiled. But this is the best Halloween movie I have seen in many years. This really is what most people are calling it, which is the Christmas Story of Halloween. The movie that needs to be watched every year in October, and needs to be played for 24 hours straight on TNT, or Syfy, or Chiller, or somewhere!

Most may know that this is an anthology movie, much like Creepshow. But, unlike Creepshow, these stories in Trick R Treat all weave together in someway, much like Crash, or Pulp Fiction. And, in Creepshow, we had The Creeper, and in Trick R Treat, we have who I am declaring a new icon of horror, named simply... Sam. The reason for his name, is pretty cool and simple once you see the movie.

So, if you are seeking the perfect movie to watch at this time of year, and needing a breath of fresh air and a break from the 27th viewing of Hocus Pocus or Halloween, then watch this. Trust me. Watch it.