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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Lady Attacks, Then Falls on Her Ass

Today's LMFAO moment is thanks to Attack of the Show earlier today. Their "around the net" feature gives us daily videos of random shit we don't have the hours upon hours to hunt through and find on the net...instead they do it for us and give us the top 5. This video was featured today, and has some crazy lady who is pissed off about being woken up by some dogs, out raising hell in her yard. She's yelling at her neighbors, before noticing she's being video taped. Her wrath turns toward the camera guys, as she comes across the street, banging on the door like a psycho. I'd be pretty scared if i saw this old bitch bangin on my door and cussin me out. The focus was really on how crazy she was, but to me the best moment is when she randomly just falls on her ass, as the camera guys bust out laughing. People falling is usually funny shit....but even funnier when its a crazy old lady who apparently had pepper spray.