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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Balloon Boy Neighbor Fights the Media...Literally

All this Balloon Boy crap is getting way too much attention. The kids idiot parents set up a stupid stunt, it worked briefly, now they're going to pay heavily for it. Done Deal. BUT the media has to blow this up over and over and just keep exposing how stupid they are over and over. We lost interest a few days ago...UNTIL some brawls start breakin out. Seems like this neighbor of the Heene family is pissed off at all the media around all the time, and decided to tell the media off and play tough guy...UNTIL some random media guy in a yellow shirt showed us he's been brushing up on his Wrestlemania 3 watching, as he slapped on the FULL NELSON on the dude. He had the move locked, until some other people got involved then they all start screamin like girls when the punches start flyin. Check it out:

Balloon Boy Neighbor Fights With Media - Watch more Funny Videos