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Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Movie Mania Failure? Top 10 Movies Of Halloween!!!

Well, I failed to repeat what I did last year. Which was watch 1 horror movie a day for the entire month of October. Just too busy, work has taken up most of my time, but that's alright because I currently, and for now, work in a Halloween store. So to me, that surpasses dedication of watching a horror movie a day to celebrate Halloween. I celebrate it every day at work damnit. And when I have a day off, I do watch a horror movie. So yeah, with that, I will leave you all with this...........


Yep, I will just do this top 10 list. 10 movies that are a MUST to watch during the final two weeks of October.

10 Casper
Yep, the friendly ghost. The Bill Pullman/Christina Ricci movie/ The movie that made me realize how important boobs would become in my life. Being serious though, this movie, like most adaptations, shoulda failed, and been cheesey as all hell, but this movie turned out to be, a really good movie.

9 The Addams Family
Probably the only TV show to movie adaptation to succeed in every way possible. Perfection. And another Ricci classic. Perfect movie to watch before Halloween hits.

8 Psycho
You can't have Halloween without Norman.

7 The Monster Squad
The Goonies of Halloween.

6 The Lost Boys
Before there was crap like Twilight, this is what we had back in the day.

5 Saw
What is currently that staple of Halloween. The more movies that come into this series, the lamer it gets, but, the commercials don't lie, if it's Halloween, it must be Saw. I roll my eyes every time I see a trailer for Saw VI, and then the music hits, and I think, OOOOH MAN! IT'S SAW TIME!!!! One of the best horror themes in many years.

4 Monster House
I wrote this movie off for a long time until picking it up via a free movie rental at Hollywood Video last year and was quite surprised at how good it was. It is probably as close as we will get to seeing a Goosebumps movie.

3 Hocus Pocus
To me, Sarah Jessica Parker is insanely hot in this movie only. This is the Christmas Story of Halloween....

2. Trick 'r Treat
...until this came out FINALLY. This will be a Halloween night viewer for sure. Every year. A few years down the road, this better play for 24 straight hours on syfy or chiller or somewhere from Oct. 30th-31st.

1. Halloween
But of course, as great as Trick 'r Treat is, it can not take out the legend. The classic. The ultimate movie to watch on Halloween night. It is tradition at our house, after all the trick or treaters are done knockin on the door, after dinner has been eaten, and after all is said and done, to settle on the couch, pop in the blu ray, and watch Halloween. The original of course. Not that Rob Zombie crap.