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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rod Belding Has Been Found in "Saved by the Belding"

If you are a Saved By The Bell fan, you no doubt remember the legendary episode where Mr. Belding announces the class will have a substitute in "Mr. Belding." Oh but it was in fact, Mr. Belding's brother Rod.  Rod Belding was the super cool teacher we all wished would walk into our classroom as our substitute as kids.  Rod was the teacher that replaced things like tests and homework with teaching mouth to mouth lessons with the hot girls and taking the class on white water rafting trips. 

It was no surprise that the class (well the 6 that mattered in Saved by the Bell world) didn't want to go on Mr. Belding's boring trip to Yosemite and chose Rod's white water rafting trip, which gave us the memorable scene where sad Mr. Belding trashes his Yosemite plans.  BUT THEN, we saw the real Rod Belding, as the asshole decides to ditch the kids for a weekend with some stewardess named "Inga."  Thankfully Mr. Belding saves the day by offering to take them white water rafting himself after explaining that Rod "had the flu," but what the hell happened to Rod?

In all the years of Saved by the Bell, we saw Rod Belding exactly once.  Yep, this episode is the classic example of "why didn't we ever hear from this character again" when it comes to TV, and as it turns out, we are not the only ones who wondered.  In the following film "Saved by the Belding," a group of old school Saved by the Bell fans investigate this matter, and locate the one and only Rod Belding, and find out just where the hell he's been for the past 20 years or so.  Can he right his wrongs from Bayside?  Is he the same old Rod Belding?  Or is he just some actor named Edward Blatchford?  It's all answered here.

No more words can do this justice, but if you watched and were a fan of Saved by the Bell, this documentary just filled a huge void; and for these guys, filled a void on the "Bayside documentary" they were watching....yeah, just watch:

Saved By The Belding
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