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Friday, November 5, 2010

Jessica Alba Naked Pics Leaked - We ALL Care

Looks like the news of the day is that the stuck up, very private, "I'll never get naked in anything EVER" Jessica Alba has finally been b-u-s-t-e-d.  Yep it's true, the holier than thou Jessica Alba takes dirty pics with her cell phone just like other girls.  No word on how these pics leaked, but if they were stolen it was probably due to Jessica pissing people off by never showing the goods in her movies.  Recently the word was that Ms. Alba would be appearing "nude" in the recent move "Machete," and we say "nude" because it was a naked shower scene which was shot from the side so we really didn't see the good parts.  THEN come to find out, Jessica wasn't naked at all, and the scene used CGI to digitally remove her clothes.  So first she tells us she'll never do nudity in a movie, THEN uses body doubles in movies, and finally  just uses fake computer nudity.  So apparently enough was enough, and now we have real Jessica Alba boob pics that were probably meant to be private, oh well.

Of course there is the other scenario, where Jessica realizes that people are going to stop giving a shit about her unless she shows us something, so these boob pictures "accidentally leak" on the Internet, and suddenly everyone is buzzing.  These pics are from when she was pregnant or just after having her kid, so they're not the super sexy glamorous Alba pics all of you have fantasized about, but it's Alba, it's her boobs, so we have to be happy.  Check out the full story on the revelation that Jessica Alba takes topless cell phone pics too.