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Friday, November 12, 2010

The L.A. Noire Trailer Looks Bad Ass

L.A. Noire will be the next big game from Rockstar it looks like, and this is a game that has actually been in the works for years apparently.  After many push backs and release date changes, we finally get the first look via this trailer, and I am already interested in this game in a major way.  Looks like we have some old school gangster action here ala Dick Tracy.  Now of course I"m a huge fan of the classic 1990 Dick Tracy movie, and this game seems like it will be from the same era but of course with more realism and less over the top and colorful.  The video game season is looking better than ever, with of course Call of Duty: Black Ops is ruling the video game world right now and that will have millions of people playing for a long time to come, but it's great to know we have a ton more great games on the way, and L.A. Noire definitely looks like a game that has been worth the wait judging by this trailer: