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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Will the Best Black Friday Deals Be?

I don't remember Black Friday being such a known event when I was younger, but now it's basically the new holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Years back I think it was simply known as "the worst shopping day of the year."  Stores are battling to get the most crazed stampede of shoppers from their competition, to the point where this year the traditional 5 A.M. start time is being ignored by many stores and now it's a battle to see who can start the earliest.

My question is, who has the deals that are worth getting stampeded for.  I've seen Walmart and Best Buy offering some of the newer end video games for PS3 and Xbox 360 for half price at 30 bucks, with Walmart starting the 30 dollar game sale at midnight.  I've also seen a couple of Nintendo Wii and DS deals going around that seem like winners if your in the market for games.  I was sort of waiting to see's usual Black Friday voting deals that they've done in recent years that allows you to vote on 1 of 3 offers every round, and the winning offer is offered to SOME of the people that voted.  The deals were great, although I never got the chance to buy anything I voted for.  This year they seem to have replaced the voting rounds with Black Friday Deals Week, which is Black Friday offers every day this week, with new deals popping up about every hour.  It's been kind of hard to keep up with, but it is possible to find a good Amazon deal on it.

Other than that, I'm seeing 5 and 10 dollar DVD's (for people that don't realize stores are trying to get rid of them to make more room for Blu Ray's) at most stores, and of course a ton of cameras, TV's, and other electronics and big ticket items are being pushed hard.  Pretty much every story is discounting their stuff, but hardly any that I see are really "can't miss, worth getting trampled for" deals.  I'm not saying they're not out there, but I'm wondering if they are.  So what mega deals have you seen?  What am I missing?  And what is worth getting trampled for?  Share in comments and I may add any mega deals you have found to this post.