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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil Wayne Released from Jail....Who Cares!?

OK apparently a ton of people care, because the news is all over the place, and MTV feels the need to break into its programming to keep on letting us know that Lil Wayne is free from jail AS OF 8:35 THIS MORNING!  Keep in mind the guy has spent 8 months in jail for a gun charge, not being held captive in a far off country.  Every time I've heard about Lil Wayne lately, I hear all these people in the industry awaiting his return like a war hero or messiah.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "rap hater" or "racist" or anything of the sort.  I see Wayne's talent which is why everyone wants to work with him, but why is he getting a hero's welcome when he's coming out of jail for yet another screw up.  Drug charges, weapon charges, what a hero!

How about some people toning shit down a bit and making Wayne prove himself  this time around before he disappoints his fans once again.  I guess everyone who is partying and rejoicing over Wayne's release believe people shouldn't be arrested on gun charges, or maybe celebrities should get a free pass.  Frankly I think it's ridiculous and people need to get a life, other artists included.  I can already see it now, when he gets arrested again it will be "AWW poor Lil Wayne" all over again. 

So this will be a new feature here that will cover stories like this that you cannot help but avoid, and that annoy the shit out of me to the point of ranting on them.  There are plenty of them out there, and before anyone says "well why are you watching?".......get real people, this is the bullshit we get thrown in our faces on a daily basis, and it's going to take one good Jerk to step up and say........WHO CARES?