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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Launch of Hungry Jerks

As I alluded to in my last post, The Jerks have been taking a little time off from this site to spend time doing what they do best- shit like pigging out at restaurants, watching/making movies, and playing video games.

The Jerks eat out a combined 3-4 thousand times per year. So it is only fitting that we pull a fucking John Chow and make some blog posts and pictures of the shitty food we eat.

The Bunch of Jerks site has always been unfocused mayhem. It's just about whatever we feel like writing about. Ostensibly an "entertainment" blog, there is no real targeted content or theme. Just a Bunch of Jerks talking about anything.

We've always known there would be specific topics we might want to write about, but they might not fit into BOJ so neatly. I mean, a random review here and there works, but if we want to really focus on something, we probably need another blog/sites.

So we have decided to launch a restaurant reviews blog. Since all these reviews are going to be handled by the same Bunch of Jerks you've grown to love over the years from reading BOJ and the wildly popular ( I hear it's still Big in Japan) Devon Lohan blog, we are going to keep the whole "Jerks" theme..but apply it to food. You know, fat guys eating and talking about it, and taking pictures.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of:

Hungry Jerks

p.s. We already have a great review of the Cheesecake Factory. Check it out.