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Friday, August 13, 2010

J.U.A.N. Watching Netflix Streaming on my Wii

Right Now I am watching streaming movies on my Nintendo Wii. Do you care? Probably not. I just remembered that Random made a post awhile back about Netflix Instant Streaming on the Wii coming in the Spring.

Well, Spring came and went and the Summer of 2010 is almost gone as well. Finally I got my Wii setup for Netflix streaming. It was pretty easy, even though I had never hooked my Wii up to the internet.

I got my wife a Netflix Subscription for Christmas last year. We did the whole 1 disc at a time through the mail thing. We also streamed some movies on our computers, but the television screen is much better.

I read Random's post from last winter as well as the instructions on the Netflix site, and this seemed easy enough. I had to send away for a free setup disc from Netflix. It came the next day. I had to configure the internet connection for the Wii to obtain an access code to enter on the Netflix website.

Setting up the internet was very easy. I have the ATT Uverse triple play service. I have 6-7 different computers running off my wireless network, which is through their 2wire gateway. I just had to select that I was using a wireless network, and select my network from the options.

After my connection was recognized and setup, the Wii showed an activation key. I entered that on the Netflix site, and we were good to go.

The Wii remote works pretty well, and the menu options are decent. However, I find the best way to use the Wii is to go into your Netflix account on your computer and add movies to your instant queue. Then they are really easy to select on the Wii.

Well that's about it. Time to go watch Netflix movies on the Wii.