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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan Dunn aka Random Hero has died.

This is a pretty crappy thing to wake up to. Ryan Dunn aka Random Hero, has died. Police say his car had flown through about 40 yards of trees until it finally hit the last tree and the car exploded instantly. Police arrived to the scene and found his car fully engulfed in flames. Another passenger was in the car with him but no name has been released at this time.

He just had a new show on G4 start, Proving Ground, which G4 announced today they have removed from their schedule. And you can probably make a safe bet that any and all future plans for anything Jackass related have been, or will also be cancelled. I don't see those guys, especially Bam Margera who has been friends with Ryan Dunn since high school, doing anything because of this.

It's a sad day for all CKY / Jackass fans. Not many people know of the CKY videos, but on those videos is where he was nicknamed, the Random Hero. Which is how I came up with, Random Villain. Which is my username for just about everything. Without Ryan Dunn, there would have never been a Random Villain. He will be missed.