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Sunday, June 5, 2011

X Men First Class Thoughts

I was very iffy on this. I didn't know how I felt about going into a X Men movie that didn't have any of my favorite X Men in it. I've already had to suffer through 2 X Men movies that were slow and didn't feature Gambit in any way. And then that Wolverine movie....yikes. But, I heard all the good things so I decided what the hell. And what I got was the very best X Men movie out of them all. There is so much that they are keeping under wraps it is almost a shame. I didn't even know Kevin Bacon was the main villain in this movie until I saw him in it. He isn't in any of the previews or anything I have seen online for it. It's kinda weird. But he can play one hell of a villain, that's for sure.

It was kind of nice not having any of the well known X Men in this, because it gave me a chance to discover new ones, and see a little bit more of ones I have only heard a little about.

The action scenes were amazing. So much so that during the big finale, I had this music playing in my head and it was a nerdgasm.

Yeah, this movie gave me the feeling of watching the old 90s cartoon. It was that good.

People are asking if this falls in line with the other X Men movies. In a way it does, a small way. But in a large way it doesn't. If it does fall in line with the others then holy crap the continuity is way off. I'm hoping that they have just spun off and are now going in a new direction and we can get more movies like this, with more characters we know and love. Possibly the very best movie of the year, so far.