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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Speaks the Truth on Michael Jackson

So Bill O'Reilly is definitely a jerk, so this topic fits right in here. While everyone is in Michael Jackson hysteria and remembering his music, etc., Bill O'Reilly points out everything that has gone on in recent years that had just about everyone turning on Michael Jackson. He brings up that while Jackson wasn't convicted of any crime involving kids, Jackson freely admitted he slept in the same bed with kids that weren't his. Most people would say that's odd, wrong, weird, whatever, but everyone has not forgotten this topic, which was the running joke about Jackson for years. O'Reilly also points out how the black community is outpouring all this love for Jackson, when in reality, he bleached his skin and had plastic surgery to look white! (Even then it didn't quite work, and he came out looking like some alien life form in my opinion.) Not to mention Jackson used white men as surrogate fathers for his kids. These were all things brought up regularly and used by just about every comedian while Jackson was alive, now suddenly everyone forgets and he's black again and a hero (looking past his drug abuse as well.) I'll post the video, it just goes on and on and O'Reilly is punking out some black doctor who is trying to be all black pride and racial and it's just a cluster fuck, but good to see someone actually bringing up these facts that everyone wanted to talk about for years but now suddenly abandoning.