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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Common Sense Lesson of the Day: Don't Piss Off a Judge

penelope soto mug shotWe've all seen them - smart ass teenagers that act like they know it all and act like everything is a joke to them. 18 year old Penelope Soto personifies this as she stood in her prison jumpsuit before a judge in Florida.  Charged with possession of Xanax, Soto didn't seem bothered in the least as she stood there awaiting her fate, unable to stop laughing and smiling.

Soto tried to play it cool and seemed to find the whole thing hilarious as she was questioned about her income and possessions.  She wasn't even phased when the judge set her bond at $5,000 as she began to leave with a flippant "adios!" to the judge.  At that point, the judge decided to teach her a little lesson by calling her back and raising her bond to $10,000.  At this point, Soto finally showed some reaction as she stood there with her jaw dropped, but what followed was even more idiotic as she flipped off the judge and muttered an "F you" while walking off.  The judge then calls her back yet again (shocker) and proceeds to inform her that she had now earned herself 30 days in jail for contempt of court.

This video is pretty fulfilling for anyone that has been annoyed by a teenager such as this.  They act like they're untouchable and are so cool that nothing bothers them, well this judge took some action and figuratively knocked her on her ass.  Even after being informed of the jail time, Soto still tries to act super cool by replying with "that's fine"...sure it is.  Check out how it all went down:

If only more judges took this kind of approach, we may have a lot more respectful teenagers out there.  As a bonus, here's video of Penelope's Soto return to court - notice how she keeps her mouth shut and barely makes a sound.  Lesson learned (maybe!)