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Monday, February 4, 2013

Video: Destiny's Child Reunites at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Destinys Child Super Bowl Halftime ShowWell the Super Bowl has come and gone, but the buzz and talk about it might be at an even higher level than it was prior to the game.  I don't consider myself a football super fan, but you almost have to watch the "big game" whether it's for the game itself, the slew of brand new commercials, or the huge halftime show.

This year the halftime show was handled by Beyonce, who judging by reports was rehearsing all week for her mega-performance.  Of course there were rumors of some sort of Destiny's Child involvement since Super Bowl performances usually go all out, but the rumors were denied throughout the week.  Beyonce had a crazy stage of course (that we're still surprised they can get on the field in the short amount of time they do) and when the time was right, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyonce on stage for the big Destiny's Child reunion.  They showed without a doubt that they are still the powerhouse girl group they were over 10 years ago, and was cool to see since we know Beyonce really could be a star on her own without any reunions if she wanted to.

This performance really has to be seen to really get how good it was.  Check out the video below for Beyonce's solo performance as well as the Destiny's Child reunion: