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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Is Epic Beard Man?


In the short period that I found this video, this man has become internet superstar of the year. So WHO IS Epic Beard Man?!

Thomas Bruso, is the real name of Epic Beard Man. He already has two other nicknames, Tom Slick, and Vietnam Tom. This is not his first time being an internet star though, years ago, cops used the taser on him for sitting in the wrong seat at a baseball game.

So there ya have it, Tom Slick, is everyones hero today. I wish he was my Uncle or Grandpa. And he is officially the Jerks mascot. Below the Mortal Kombat Epic Beard Man video is the original posting from earlier today.

We are only deep into Feb, but I already declare this the best ass kicking of 2010. Mainly because I freakin LOVE to see old dudes beat the shit out of young shit talking wannabes. You gotta be logged into youtube to see this, mainly to prove you're old enough to see blood all over the place I guess and some F bombs.

Word of advice, don't go messin around with old dudes, you never know which one might be ex military and beat the piss outta you.