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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Next Internet Sensation. Chat Roulette!!

Pretty simple idea, with insane amounts of entertainment to be had.....

Chat Roulette. Here is the idea of it all, you got a webcam, someone else on that site has a webcam. And you click play, and you are randomly put together with a stranger for a webcam chat. Now, the fun part, is the fact that there are MANY webcam tools out there, ones that allow you to put any picture or video you want up in place of your own webcam. Find some recorded webcam video of a cute girl, go into a chat session with some nerdy lookin dude, and let the hijinks ensue.

Here is a little screen shot of one such session, where an animated GIF of a large black girl, was used in place of the users webcam.

Like I said. Much fun to be had. is a good site to use other things in place of your own webcam.

Go now, enjoy.