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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should We Resurrect the old Unemployed Winners?

As I alluded to in our previous post about the Unemployed Winner, we know a bunch of jerks who were Unemployed Winners back in the day.

I consider myself an OG Unemployed Winner, and I'm thinking about getting the band back together. Bunch of Jerks pretty much serves as our hub and our catchall dump for blog posts that don't have a natural home. So it's not like we are taking away from this place.

We will keep bringing you up to date about our latest adventures, like pondering the cultural significance of Sonic Drink Combos, hosting movie podcasts, and blogging about wrestling news and reality shows.

Being Unemployed, Award Winning Jerks allows us to pursue our dreams of finding the perfect pseudo-gourmet fast food burger and talking shit about entertainment and movies.