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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A GOOD Remake?!? James Cameron On Board Heavy Metal Redo!!


It appears thins are gonna be goin down like this.

The awesome animated movie Heavy Metal is being remade.

David Fincher is on board with James Cameron as Executive Producers.

You may remember the original movie having different stories/segments, so who will be in charge of the new stories and segments?

Gore Verbinski will take control of one of the segments.

Zack Snyder will do his own segment.

David Fincher will do a segment.

And JAMES CAMERON will be directing a segment.

Wow, fucking wow. Fincher, Cameron, Verbinski, and Snyder.

Ready for a tad bit more? Mark Osborne (Kung fu Panda) will bring along Jack Black, and HOPEFULLY Kyle Gass to do a bit for the movie as well. If Kyle Gass isn't involved, then this will take on some heavy FAIL points, but I am 99.9% sure that The D will appear in the Heavy Metal remake.

Now lets just hope the soundtrack will kick ass and not be full of todays current artists....