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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never Too Late Review: The Doors

I've been a moderate listener of The Doors. I have a couple of their big hits on my iPod, but that's about as far as my fandom went. My sister on the other hand, has a damn Jim Morrison altar in her house, she worships The Doors. So after almost 20 years since the movies release, I decided to rent the Blu Ray of it, and give it a try, and let's just say...

My life has been changed forever.

It has the usual random strange Oliver Stone stuff thrown in and mixed about. But damn is it awesome. Val Kilmer becomes Jim Morrison in that movie. Sadly though, after seeing the movie and doing a bit of research, the movie really only stays true to certain events, but when it comes to the characters, it was way off. The main thing I read was, Jim wasn't exactly quite the sociopath as he was displayed as being in the film.

It does a pretty good job that at telling the story of their music, which is what fans wanted to see. How the songs came about, and where they came from. Which is what has really changed things forever for me. See immediatley after watching this movie, I hopped in my car, and drove to my sisters house, and raided her collection. I went from having a couple Doors songs on my ipod, to having EVERY Doors song on my ipod, well almost all. The only songs that I left off were ones that were done after Morrisons death in 1971, which still to this day, remains a mystery of exactly how he died.

Ever since then, I have not stopped listening, it has become an exprience for me every time I pop in the music of The Doors. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that is seeking out some new GOOD music to listen to. If you're into American Idol and all that bullshit, you probably shouldn't bother. This was done back when music was done for the love of music, back when artists didn't give a shit about fame or glamour or money. Back when they made music, just for the love of gettin together and jammin. It is a fantastic movie, about one of the greatest bands of all time, and what is now, my favorite band. The Doors.