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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chastity Bono Already A Man?! Leading A Double Life?!

The world has been rocked to its very core. Rumors are swirling, and mind you, I said RUMORS, that Chastity Bono has in fact been living a double life as a man. And after living with this secret for a long time, decided to start spreading news that she was getting a sex change so she could merge her double lifestyles together in one to ease the stress in her life. This is a huge rumor right now, but there are pictures that have surfaced, one of Chastity Bono, and then the other picture was taken when she was leading her other life as a man already, going under the name, Devon Bono?!?!

Chastity Bono
Devon Bono?!

This also leads us to believe that DEVONBONO.COM is on the way.