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Thursday, June 4, 2009

J.U.A.N. What Kind of Gay Idiot Would Hide His Cell Phone Down His Pants?

I remember reading a stupid story about an idiot teenager who tried to hide her cell phone in her pants. The whole thing was pretty stupid and just a sign of how far down the toilet our society has gone. This little juvenile delinquent wouldn't stop texting in class. When her teacher asked for the phone she hid it..down her pants. This girl ended up getting arrested and I guess strip searched. She probably got whatever she deserved.

Then some idiot bloggers and "tech writers" made all these lame stories about how this girl hid her cell phone in her butt. But I think that was all made it. She just sliped it down her jeans most likely.

Anyway, I have a lot of different blog feeds in my reader. I susbcribe to a lot of tech stuff. This one site I check out to read about the latest cell phones and stuff.

There is something seriously wrong with this guy. And yes, I believe it is a guy. Not only was he apparently intrigued by this teenager who supposedly hid her cell phone down her pants, he went and wrote a whole article about how if he wanted to shove a cell phone down his pants, excatly which phones he would pick. Apparently he really researched it all, measured ? the phones, who knows maybe he tried them out. WTF Man.

Look at this sick shit: The 9 Best Cell Phones to Smuggle

What the hell is wrong with this sick queer? I think I am going to unsubscribe from his site. I don't want to read that sick crap.