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Monday, June 1, 2009

Up and Drag Me To Hell Thoughts

Not gonna write out a huge review on these, because I'm lazy, so I figured I would basically just pass along my thoughts.

First up, Drag Me To Hell. To put it simply, and in the words of Michael Cole, this was VINTAGE SAM RAIMI. He went into the attic and brought out the Evil Dead Box'O Tricks and let them all out. It was fantastic good horror popcorn fun, like only Sam could bring. Horror these days is either over the top gore and killings to characters we don't give a damn about, or a remake. This was neither, it was an original idea, with an actual PLOT and CHARACTERS, two things missing from todays horror movies. 10/10.

After that, I said hell no to paying another 30 bucks for us to go to get into Up so we went old school and movie hopped. And as usual, Pixar did not let me down. But got damn, they went pretty deep with this movie, most kids might cry their eyes out at the first 10 minutes of the movie, and I'm pretty sure this is the first Pixar movie I've seen that has actual BLOOD in it. Yes, BLOOD, a character is shown bleeding, and it's kinda like, wow, they went there. Messed me up for a bit. But damnit all this was a great movie, right up there with Wall-E. 10/10.

It felt good going to the movies and seeing 2 fantastic movies. It will be hard for something to top Up this year though, but we have a long way to go and many great movies left comin out. But for some strange reason, after the awesomeness of Star Trek, Up, and Drag Me To Hell, it feels like the Summer movie season is already over? I think Up will remain tops at the Box Office for the next couple weeks.