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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rob Zombies Halloween 2 Trailer

This will be the last chance I give to Rob Zombie. So far he has made 3 feature films, all of which I have been pretty unimpressed with. House Of 1000 Corpses was just a remake of Texas Chainsaw. The Devils Rejects was just a remake of Natural Born Killers with the Thelma And Louise ending. And then Halloween, well, blegh.

But, I am a huge fan of one Michael Myers. So I'll be at the theaters for this no matter what, and I must say after watching this trailer, it looks kinda promising. I just wish Rob Zombie would shut the hell up with his "THIS IS 100% MY VISION" bullshit. Sorry dude but this is your Halloween 2 with shit goin down in a hospital, and the original Halloween 2 had, shit goin down in a hospital, that is not 100% your vision. And speaking of visions, apparently Laurie Strode is now having visions and horrible things in this movie, yeah, cause, that totally didn't happen in Halloween 5. Come the fuck on Rob.