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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sirius/XM Application Now Available For iPhone and iPod Touch

So Sirius/XM officially launched an application to stream their radio to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Blackberry users like myself are only a tad bit sad. There are so many internet radio applications that it really isn't a big deal. Pandora, Slacker, iheartradio, all great applications for listening to what you want, when you want. But there is something missing from this application from Sirius that people have been waiting years for....

Howard Stern.

Word has it that Howard Stern himself demanded to be paid more money and get a percentage of what was made off sales of the application. And since Sirius is seeing this application as something to help the company rebound and grow, they denied Stern a percentage, and just left his channels off of the application. This might be a huge blow to this application. I listen to Stern every morning and when I heard about this application coming out I almost started looking into switching from my Blackberry to an iPhone. Then heard about no Stern.

However, you still can get Stern on your phones, and Sirius for that matter, it's just a slight pain in the ass to do. If you're interested in finding out how to get Stern and Sirius for free on ANY phone. Head on over here and do some research and reading. I had it and it worked great, it's just a pain to set up and get goin so I stopped using it.