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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

J.U.A.N. Poll: Morgan Webb vs. Olivia Munn...Who's Hotter?

With the E3 bonanza currently going on, video games are the big business of the week. Of course G4 is the channel to watch for all the video game coverage, and video game coverage on G4 = game nerds drooling over Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb. In a recent Jerk meeting with some of our staff members, a debate arose over the level of hotness of Morgan Webb vs. that of Olivia Munn. The debate is split down the middle (yeah) so we've decided to bring the debate right here to the Jerk nation, and you can help decide who is the hotter G4 host, Attack of the Show's Olivia Munn, or X Play's Morgan Webb. Personally, I think they're both pretty hot, but Olivia Munn blows it out of the water. Morgan is a little too pasty for my taste, looks like she doesn't see much sun. Olivia on the other hand has the dark beauty thing going on, and doesn't really look Asian, but IS Asian of some sort, so i guess that makes her extra exotic. So here it is, Jerks speak out, and here is the question, give your answers. I've provided just a couple of pics, because if you've ever watched G4, you know who these women are. free polls
Who is Hotter...Morgan Webb or Olivia Munn?
Morgan Webb Olivia Munn