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Monday, June 22, 2009

Pixar Is Awesome And Proves Why. Grants A Dying Girls Wish.

You probably haven't heard about this awesome bit of news. Probably because every news site appears to only care about Perez Hilton dropping the F bomb and getting punched in the head, yes, sadly, in our pathetic media world, that is the top news story of the day.

So here is news that will warm your heart. News that SHOULD be the top news story of the day.

We all know that Disney/Pixar freakin rules. And now they went one step beyond. Colby Curtin, a 10 year old girl, had a rare form of cancer. And had pretty much no chance of survival. And her main wish was to see the movie Up. A simple wish. She held out so she could go see it in the theaters, but sadly was so sick and broken down by the time the movie came out, that going to the theaters to see the movie was impossible. Then there was a knock at her door...

A family member had made frantic calls to Pixar, and actually got in touch with someone there. The next thing they knew, a Pixar employee was knocking on the door of their house. In one hand, a DVD copy of Up. In the other hand a huge bag full of Up merchandise and very rare memorabilia. The employee screened the movie in the home for the daughter, who at that point, could only hear the movie, while her mother gave her the play by play. Seven hours after the showing of the movie, Colby died.

You didn't hear of this story from Pixar directly, because they declined to comment to any media on it, or reveal the name of the employee. Because that is the kind of people they are. The kind of people news and media should pay attention to. Not some idiot blogger getting punched in the head. But that is the world we live in, where Jon and Kate getting a divorce makes headlines. While real heroes and people that makes a difference in the world are all but ignored.