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Monday, June 22, 2009

Todays Music Blows. Nirvana Killed The Fun.

All I heard about it how Nirvana came along and changed music forever. How they came on the scene and destroyed hair bands and metal. How Kurt Cobain was a legend and awesome. Well here is a news flash kids, Nirvana wasn't the first grunge band, they were just the first one to take off and hit it big, therefore meaning they didn't really change anything, they just did something other bands were starting to do.

People go on and on about the Seattle Grunge scene, well guess what, Nirvana was formed in 1987, in Aberdeen, Washington. 3 years earlier, Soundgarden was formed, in SEATTLE WASHINGTON. So yeah, already, Nirvana was 3 years late to the party.

Anyways, the real point of this is going back to what I first mentioned, how people constantly state how Nirvana killed hair bands and all that hooplah. Well to that I gotta say pick up your local paper and check out concerts headed your way. Or just look around online. You will see more hair bands and metal bands touring major venues while there are now grunge bands, anywhere, to be found. Grunge died. Hair bands live on. As does Metal. Grunge is the same thing as the bullshit we are dealing with today. Emo. And all these other shitty rock bands.

Music today is boring. No passion, no fun, nothing. Remember back when band members would get arrested and how awesome and fun it would be when they would talk about it and not just care? That was rock n roll. Today someone is arrested and they're all sorry about it and sad and depressed. Remember when bands would glue hotel furniture to ceilings and ride motorcycles down hallways? Yeah, no one does that today. Todays bands are boring. And useless. On top of that, their music sucks. I mean Axl Rose cancelled shows, stormed off stages, no showed concerts, all kinds of shit, but hey, that was rock n roll. Today no one does that. There is nothing exciting in music today. Just boredom and shitty bands that no one will remember in 5 years.

Then we got people like Kid Rock, and Lars Ulrich bitching and moaning about people stealing music. If we went back to the 60s, and Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison found out that people were stealing their music, they wouldn't give a shit. You know why? They are what is missing from music today. Artists who care about nothing but their music, and people hearing their music. That's it. Today it is all about fame and fortune. Musical talent comes last. Back then musicians only cared about their music being heard, and did it because they loved it. Today it's a group of guys put together because they seem like they would be good together and are products of record labels.

In the end, Nirvana didn't kill off bands, or kill off types of music, instead they killed the fun. Thanks for nothing Nirvana. Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam were all much better bands anyways.